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Yukio Ran Online Episode 7
Welcome to Yukio Ran Online Ep7 * Low Rate & Balanaced Gameplay * Direct Server at 1 mbps * Cheap Donations * Cool Stuffs * Friendly Admin/Gm's and Agents * Come and join with us...^_^
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Clash Ran EP9
clashran online rise of the last warrior EP9, No over power,Balance Game Play,Regen system Base, Friendly GM's,CDM and CW active event....And More Events
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Jhopz Ran Online
Welcome to Jhopz Ran Online. Temporary hamachi server. Come and join with us....^_^
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Deadfox-Ran Online EP3
Welcome to Deadfox-Ran Online | Come Join Us | High ExpRate and DropRate with Unique Game Play | Full EP3 Version | LAG FREE SERVER | COME JOIN US |
0 98


HxRan Online
HxRan Online!! The Newly Created Ran..Friendly Admin and Staff..Fast Leveling!!HxRan Online EP4 mix EP6.! Temporary Hamchi Server! What are you waiting for.!!
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This is the newest Ran online Private server Mix EP3 EP4 SERVER, HIGH GOLD AND EXP RATE, EP4 ITEM DROPS ON MOBS, FRIENDLY GM, 207 - 300B SKILLS
0 91


Social Ran Online Ep4-Epx
Welcome to Social Ran Online Ep4-epx we are 24/7 online and very cheap donations so what are you waiting for join now....
0 103


Manifesto Ran Online - EP8 New Rebirth
Enjoy Playing The Game in Manifesto Ran Online - EP8 New Rebirth. Friendly ADMIN/GM.
0 93


Naruto Adikz
Chrome Ran Online Substitute forum.. No Level , No RB , Just Kill.. Free +10 set and +10 weapon when you create a character automatically lvl 300.. +10 , +20 , +30 , +40 drop in ingame... 99% Donation Server with low cost donation that you can af
0 90


myiori EX ran EP3
Free Ran Online EP3 server that includes: EP3 maps, new weapons, armors, costumes, items and monsters, lot of character skills. High exp server, events, fully english client. Starting lvl, 100, Max lvl 200, and get 500stat points per lvl
0 96


Magenta Gaming Online
Magenta RAN Online - Balanced Server - New Assassin Class - Ep8 Mixed Ep9 - New 217, 227, 237 Skills - 24/7 Online Game Server - Active GMs and Staffs Mid Gold Rate Low Donation What Are You Wait For ? Come And Join Us.
0 95


FreeRan Online EP-X
Welcome to FreeRan Online EPX, 24/7 Online, Non Hamachi, No Donations yes NO DONATIONS. This Server is for FUN not for FUND. Free items when creating char, All scrolls, weapons, armors sell in NPC. New Maps, New Weapons With HoverBoard. High EXP and
0 91


DDSRan Ultimatum Episode 6 Diversion Angel and Dem
RAN ONLINE EP 6 Angels & Demons Saga
0 91


Dynamic Ran EPISODE 6 Season 2
Ran Online EP6 Season 2 Strong and Stable Security + Chemist/Gunner available soon! + 1 Mobs for 1 Level (Average) + Dedicated Server Dual QUAD Core XEON + 24/7 Online No Interruption + NO LAG Server + Free all Skills + FREEBIES TO NEWBIE + Unique A
0 95


Join.. RFZ RAN Online Ep4 Mix Ep5 With Pet System Exp and Upgrade Rates High,Drop Rate Modify, Balance Skills, ALL Cool Weapons And Head Are buyable And dropable By mobs, Good Staff Friendly GMs With HAMACHI SERVER
0 96


Infinity Ran Online
Infinity Ran Online - EP3 Mix EP4 server - Fun server with lot of new items - Active GMs - Rates 170x-300x-350x - Affordable donation items - Skills up to level 300B - Autoreborn at Level 240 - 3 stats/5skill points per level - Helpful players - Hama
0 100


HomeRan Online Episode 6 Season 2 NEW!
Hello and Welcome to HomeRan Online | Currently new and hot Server. Temporary we are on Hamachi Mode, Just for now and for some Security Reasons | HomeRan Online has very Cheap Donations | Exp Rates: High Drop Rates: High Refine Rate: High | Update a
0 101


0 95


Infinity Ran
Infinity Ran Online - EP5 server - Fun server with lot of new items - Active GMs - Rates 170x-300x-350x - Affordable donation items - Skills up to level 300
0 93


Takeo Ran Online
Welcome to Takeo Ran Online Ep7 Direct Server with 5mbps connection 24/7 Online , Friend Admin`s ,and GM`s Low Donate Cost . Sali na with Free Donate Items !
0 98


Newest RAN Online Private Server ^_^
0 96


Mighty Torgue Ran Online
Starting character Get 1 Box Starter Kit Set [+10] Rate Exp, Gold And Item Medium Rate.. Max Level 235 and Max RB 300.. Many Event in Game.. Cheap donate.. Active GM hope you will enjoy playing Mighty Torgue Ran Online
0 91


NHaDZRAN Online ep4private server,with cheap donations and friendly GMs and Admins,upto 297 skils,HAMACHI
0 92


Glory Ran
Welcome To The newest Ran Online||EP4-EP5 MIXED SERVER ||Server Specs:Core2Duo 1.8 6GB Ram HDD 500GB,Windows 2003 server||Dedicated Server|| Very Kind Admin and Staffs|| Up to 247 skills||Non-Hamachi Server
0 90


GodzRan Online Philippines (Dedicated Server)
Lets Play the latest and Newest Ran Online Server In The Philippines . Godz Ran Online - Philippinines 24/7 Dedicated Server. New Items . New maps, New mobs , New pets Balance game Play , No lag Fast Leveling , Freebies +15 Perma Cp skill , No Bored
0 92


Ran Online Titan Episode 8
Ran Online Episode 8 Server W/ High Specs Dedicated 167 - 297 Ep4 Ep8 Skills Ep4 and Ep8 Items Drop Latest and Fast Server and Very Balance Game Play New Ep4 Ep8 Costumes Weapons and Items Zero down time , Lag Free 100 Online
0 93


BALANCE PRIVATE SERVER RUNS WITH HAMACHI FRIENSHIP-RAN Online Server Rates: / 24/7 Uptime/ Guarantee 100% No Lag / Pet System / New Maps /New Costumes / New Armours / New Weapons / Affordable Donation Price /Fair & Balanced Game
0 95


Welcome To EPX Server
Welcome To Geass Ran Online - EPX Server - RB lvl 240 - mix class - free skill 7-300 - hamachi server - come and join now! just visit our site for more info.
0 87


Ran Online EP6-EP7 Season 3 Strong and Stable Security + Chemist/Gunner SOON! + 1 Mobs/1 Level (average) + Dedicated Server DUAL QUAD Core XEON + Stable Since 2009 + 24/7 Online + NO LAG Server + Free all Skills + BALANCE GAMEPLAY!COME AND JOIN US!
0 98


AlchemistRan Online EP4-EP5
Welcome To Alchemist_Ran Online High exp/gold/item drops, Skills = Normal Class lvl.7-187, Mixclass lvl. 7 - 187, Lvl. 157 Skill Scrolls Are in The NPC , Normal and Mixclass, RanCP Reborn System, Reborn At Lvl. 249.
0 92


Jutsu Ran online
New Ran Online Server EP4-EPX. x6000/x600/x600. Hamachi Connection. Auto-Reborn System. Cool newbie items. Friendly Community & Staffs. Free Skills up to 297 . Free 5k stats for newly created characters
0 98


8-Ran Online EP6S2
A Balance Ran Online Server
0 91


LegacyRan Online
LegacyRan Online very new server with fresh Database/Exp:1000x/Drop:500x/Gold:500x.More event every weekend with friendly GM\\\'s and Admin\\\'s.So come and play the EP4 - EPx LegacyRan Online private server.
0 94


TechNo-Ran Online
Welcome to TechNo-Ran Online Episode 6 Season 2, 98% Free To Play, Almost all items are free, very cheap donations. Fresh and Direct Connection Server. Quad Core, 8GB Ram, 500gb HDD. So Come on Join Us
0 90


WELOCME TO DEFENDER RAN ONLINE PRIVATE SERVER >BALANCE & FAIR GAMEPLAY >10 Class with Extreme Gunner Edition >Free Skills up to 300 >Freebies for new created character unlocked >MAX LVL 300 MAX RB 300 >Fast Leveling. 1mo
0 97


the most affordable and the most high drop and exp rate in the history of ran online
0 93


The Great Ran Online Private Server
0 101


Grayson Ran Online
Welcom to Grayson Ran Online
0 96


Tachris Ran Online
Welcome to Tachris Ran Online EP4 Mixed! / High Rates (500/5/5) / Good Community / Upgraded Items on NPC / No Hamachi Server /etc. / Come and join us
0 92


WELCOME TO MZN RAN ONLINE FULL EP4 MIX EP5 Server Spec\'s : 3.2 Ghz!!! Ram 4 Gig!!! W/ Dsl Connection Up to 1mbps EP4 AND EP5 drop by mobs and cyrstal set change class also available and FREE Normal Skill\'s Free 7 to 157 Extrm Skill Free 7 to 25 and
0 91


`e-ran online
`e - ran online, offer FREE Games on the NET | 100 max reborn FREE, | Free skill 7 to 117 upon creation (Normal only) and already wear +9 weapon | NPC Scroll 157, 167, 187, 227, 237, 247 (Normal) | NPC Scroll 7-157,167,187, (Mix)
0 104


VirTualRan Online
VirTualRan Online-EP3 MIXED EP4 SERVER. EXp 1x (EXPTABLE HAS BEEN MODIFIED SO ITS STILL HIGH RATE SERVER), Item Drop 7x, Money Drop 5x, Rare Drop 7x,NPC Sells lvl 7 up to lvl 300 scrolls. lots more. LAG FREE SERVER. HAMACHI needed. for more info visi
0 96


Gamachran Online
Sawa ka naba sa Harad lvling? old skul skills? old skul weapon? come and join us GamachRan Online ep3-ep8 mix..24/7 Server..come join us.
0 98


Rockstar RAN Online EP4
Tired of rich people being the "mamaws" of the game? Well here "mga adik ang mamaw".Play Rockstar RAN Online. No RBs! No Real Money Donates! An Absolutely Free To Play Server!
0 93


Xanber Ran Online
New generation of Ran Online Episode 7 with Assassin Class! Newly opened server, Dedicated Server, Protected Server, Lifetime Guarantee Server UP! What are you waiting for? Be the top at the new Server!
0 82


Ran Catanauan online
The cheapest donation Ran online private server!!!
0 92


TempRAN online
TempRAN online...Soon to open!
0 98


Exile Ran Online Episode 7
Newest Ran Online server 6class. friendly staffs and low cost donation game! Come And Join us we have many2 events to release!
0 92


MEDIA RAN Online Ep6-Ep7, Dedicate Server,24/7Online,NO HAMACHI,NO LAG Server,Free all skill for Normal Class,Extreme Class & GT Class,1mobs for 1 level (average),Active GM`s ,Got Many Event,New Maps ,New Bosses,Unique skills and New Weapon:: JOIN NO
0 88


Free to Play Forever. Very Affordable Donation Costs. Complete and Upgraded Server, Diverted Extreme to Extreme-Gunner Class. Free Skills. Free Set(+10) & Weapon(+10) After Creating a Character. Come and Join TRAN ONLINE!!!
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