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Insanity FlyFF - v20 Gold Chinese Content FlyFF

Version 20 FlyFF Gold, Full Chinese FlyFF Content,Balanced PVE/PVP, High Rates up to level 300, Over 2000 Players Online Daily,Leveling Gifts, Instant Skills, Instant Unique Awakes, Custom Fun PVP Systems, Instant Upgrade, Floating Wing Masks,etc
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Flyff Private Server

Flyff private server, free flyff server, flyff resources
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Fly For Sky

A V17.5 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation/donation shop; everyone is equal. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom Worlds. Custom Quests. CS Seller sells Pick-up pets, CS Sets, and more.
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